Chicken eggs

Egg Description License Version C5 C5 C4 C4
2d-primitives A collection of primitives and linear algebra common for 2D graphics and 2D games. BSD v0.2.4 Doc
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3viewer A simple 3D viewer BSD 0.2 Doc
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9ML-toolkit A set of tools to support the NineML language. GPL-3 3.9
3.25 Doc
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9p 9p networked filesystem protocol implementation. Includes high-level client and server code library BSD 0.9 Doc
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abnf Parser combinators for Augmented BNF grammars (RFC 4234). GPL-3 8.2 Doc
7.0 Doc
accents-substitute Substitute accented characters in strings BSD 0.7 Doc Doc
AD Performs automatic differentiation LGPL 1.6 Doc
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address-info Network address information access BSD 1.0.5 Doc
1.0.1 Doc
advice `advise' functionality BSD 0.4 Doc
0.3 Doc
aes A self-contained implementation of the AES / Rijndael encryption algorithm BSD 1.5 Doc
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agar Bindings to the Agar GUI library BSD 0.1.0 Doc
agrep Approximate grep. GPL-3 1.7 Doc
1.5 Doc
aima Support for Russell-Norvig's AIMA BSD 0.9.14 Doc
alist-lib SRFI-69-like library for alists BSD 0.3.0 Doc Doc
allegro Allegro BSD 3.0.0 Doc
2.5.1 Doc
alut OpenAL 1.1 (ALUT) bindings BSD 0.9 Doc
amazon-s3 Provides an interface to the Amazon S3 service. BSD 13 Doc
amb The non-deterministic backtracking ambivalence operator BSD 3.0.1 Doc
2.3.0 Doc
anaphora Unhygienic anaphoric macros and hygienic named macros BSD 1.0.1 Doc
0.8 Doc
animation Utility for creating animations from a series of images BSD 0.3.3 Doc
ansi-escape-sequences Procedures to generate ANSI escape sequences BSD 0.5 Doc Doc
apropos Chicken apropos BSD 3.6.0 Doc
2.7.2 Doc
args Command-line argument handling, on top of SRFI 37 BSD 1.6.0 Doc
1.5.1 Doc
arrays Functional arrays and sets BSD 1.0.1 Doc
0.3 Doc
async-io Asynchronous I/O 3 Clause BSD 0.2.0 Doc
atlas-lapack An interface to the LAPACK routines implemented in ATLAS. GPL-3 3.2 Doc
atom Atom 1.0 feed reader and writer BSD 0.1.5 Doc Doc
augeas Augeas configuration API bindings MIT 0.1.0 Doc
autocompile Automatically compile Scheme scripts on demand public domain 1.1.0 Doc
1.1 Doc
autoform Generates HTML forms out of database structures BSD 0.2 Doc
autoform-jquery JQuery-based Javascript validators for autoform BSD 0.1 Doc
autoform-postgresql Postgresql support for autoform BSD 0.2 Doc
autoload Load modules lazily BSD 3.0 Doc
awful awful provides an application and an extension to ease the development of web-based applications. BSD 1.0.2 Doc Doc
awful-path-matchers Path matchers for awful BSD 0.0.2 Doc Doc
awful-postgresql Postgresql support for awful BSD 0.7.0 Doc Doc
awful-sql-de-lite sql-de-lite support for awful BSD 0.7.1 Doc Doc
awful-sqlite3 Sqlite3 support for awful BSD 0.7.0 Doc Doc
awful-sse Server-Sent Events module for Awful BSD 0.2 Doc
awful-ssl SSL support for awful BSD 0.3 Doc Doc
awful-ssql Enable SSQL mode for awful's database-support eggs BSD 0.1.0 Doc
awful-static-pages Tool to generate static pages out of awful applications BSD 0.1.6 Doc Doc
awk The SCSH/PLT 'awk' macro LGPL-2.0+ 1.8 Doc
banterpixra A tool to generate syntax diagrams (in SVG format) from BNF-esque grammars BSD 0.1 Doc
base64 Encoding and decoding of base64 strings BSD 3.3.1 Doc
1.0 Doc
basic-macros explicit and implicit renaming macros made easy BSD 1.3 Doc
basic-sequences Basic sequence procedures BSD 2.2 Doc
bb An easy-to-use GUI toolkit based on FLTK BSD 1.32 Doc
beaker Lab supplies for CHICKEN development BSD 0.0.10 Doc
begin-syntax Inline macro operations BSD 0.2.1 Doc
0.0.1 Doc
bencode Bencoding parser and serializer BSD 1.2.2 Doc
berkeley-db Bindings to BerkeleyDB BSD 2.2.3 Doc
big-chicken A convenience module that re-exports most non-standard libraries public domain 1.1 Doc
0.4 Doc
biglists a uniform interface to lists and lazy-lists BSD 0.4.1 Doc
binary-heap Binary heap. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
binary-parse Reading variable number of bits from a sequential input stream Public Domain 1.3 Doc
binary-search Binary search algorithm BSD 0.1 Doc
bind Automatically generate bindings from C/C++ declarations public domain 1.5.3 Doc
1.2.4 Doc
bindings Pattern matching with destructuring bindings BSD 7.2 Doc
4.1 Doc
bitcoin bitcoind JSON-RPC API client Public Domain 0.0.4 Doc
bitstring Binary pattern matching BSD 1.36 Doc Doc
bitwise-utils Bitwise utilities Public Domain 1.1.4 Doc
blake2 BLAKE2 hashing algorithm MIT 0.0.5 Doc
blas An interface to level 1, 2 and 3 BLAS routines BSD 4.5 Doc
4.1 Doc
blob-record A facility for representing records as blobs. GPL-3 1.2 Doc
blob-utils Blob Utilities BSD 2.0.1 Doc
1.2.1 Doc
bloom-filter Bloom Filter BSD 2.2.4 Doc
1.2.2 Doc
blosc Bindings to the Blosc multi-threaded meta-compressor library BSD 1.1 Doc
1.0 Doc
blowfish Blowfish LGPL 1.1 Doc
bokbok unknown BSD 0.2 Doc
box Boxing BSD 3.2.4 Doc
2.4.0 Doc
breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs for web pages BSD 1.1 Doc Doc
breadline Bindings to readline GPL-3 0.8 Doc
buffer-ports Ports on arbitrary memory buffers BSD 0.8 Doc
bvsp-spline An interface to the BVSPIS package (Boundary-Valued Shape-Preserving Interpolating Splines). GPL-3 1.3 Doc
byte-blob Byte array utility procedures for blobs. LGPL-3 2.2 Doc
1.19 Doc
byte-blob-stream Lazy byte blobs GPL-3 1.5 Doc
bytestructures Structured access to bytevector contents GPL-3 0.0.6 Doc
c3 Implements C3 class linearization for TinyCLOS BSD 1.5 Doc
cairo Chicken bindings for Cairo, a vector graphics library LGPL-2.1 0.1.16 Doc
call-with-environment-variables Set up and take down environment vars BSD 0.1.7 Doc
call-with-query A reasonable abstraction around e.g. fastcgi server-invocations: ports, environment, query GPL-3 0.2.11 Doc
call-with-sqlite3-connection sqlite3 call-with-connection abstraction with timeout and finalizer GPL-3 0.1.3 Doc
callable-data-structures "Callable" data structures BSD 1.0.2 Doc Doc
callable-sequences Common functional interface to sequential- and random-access sequences BSD 1.2 Doc
canvas-draw Bindings to the CD graphics library BSD 1.1.2 Doc
1.1.1 Doc
cells Implementation of typed cells to replace general set! operators BSD 2.1.3 Doc
cgi An implementation of the CGI protocol as described in RFC 3875. GPL-3 1.1 Doc
channel A reactive channel implementation inspired by lamina for Clojure ( BSD 0.0.3 Doc
char-set-literals A reader extension providing Gauche style literals for SRFI-14 char-sets BSD 0.4 Doc
0.3 Doc
charconv Character encoding utilities BSD 1.3.6 Doc
charplot The SLIB character plotting library BSD 0.5 Doc
check-errors Argument checks & errors BSD 3.2.0 Doc
2.2.0 Doc
checks easy to use procondition and postcondition checks of procedures BSD 1.3.1 Doc
chibi-generic Chibi Scheme's simple generic function interface BSD 0.1.2 Doc
chickadee chicken-doc web server BSD 0.12.1 Doc Doc
chicken-belt A utility belt for managing your Chicken coop BSD 0.1.0 Doc
0.0.10 Doc
chicken-doc Explore Chicken documentation locally BSD 0.6.1 Doc Doc
chicken-doc-admin Administer Chicken documentation locally BSD 0.5.0 Doc Doc
chicken-doc-html Generate HTML from (svn)wiki SXML BSD 0.3.1 Doc
0.3.0 Doc
chicken-update Update installed eggs public domain 0.1.3 Doc
chickumber A wire-server for cucumber MIT 0.13 Doc
chunk-vector A dyn-vector like library capable of storing other srfi-4 vectors inside a dense array. BSD v0.1.1 Doc
cis Compact integer sets. LGPL-3 1.4 Doc
1.2 Doc
civet An XML-based template processor. BSD 0.3.6 Doc
cjson JSON parsing done in C. Sometimes a good idea. BSD 5.0.3 Doc
0.2 Doc
ck-macros Composable macros based on the CK abstract machine Public Domain 0.3.0 Doc Doc
clojurian Syntax and utility functions inspired by Clojure BSD 3 Doc Doc
cluckcheck A Chicken Scheme port of the QuickCheck unit test framework BSD 0.0 Doc Doc
clucker Twitter API for Chicken Scheme BSD 0.12 Doc
0.11 Doc
cmaes The CMA-ES library for non-linear function minimization. GPL-2 1.0 Doc
cmark parser for CommonMark (a more highly specified Markdown) - uses cmark C library BSD 0.0.1 Doc
cock In-source documentation: deprecated for hahn BSD 0.9.3 Doc
cock-utils Translates in-source documentation from cock into wiki: deprecated for hahn-utils BSD 0.5.2 Doc
coerce Type Identity & Coercion BSD 2.1.0 Doc
color The SLIB color library BSD 1.1 Doc Doc
colorize Colorize programming code as HTML MIT 0.4.5 Doc
0.4.2 Doc
combinator-birds Raymond Smullyan's combinator birds Public Domain 0.3 Doc
combinatorics Combinatorics BSD 0.3.8 Doc
combinators Combinators Public Domain 1.2.1 Doc
comparators SRFI-128: Comparators (reduced) BSD 0.1 Doc
comparse Schemely parser combinators BSD 3 Doc Doc
compile-file Programmatic compiler invocation BSD 1.3 Doc
concurrent-native-callbacks Invoke callbacks from other native threads BSD 1.0 Doc
0.8 Doc
condition-utils SRFI 12 Condition Utilities BSD 2.1.0 Doc
1.5.1 Doc
connman Manage ConnMan using the D-Bus API BSD 0.9 Doc
continuations Continuations as a separate datatype BSD 1.4.1 Doc
1.2 Doc
contracts Design by contract BSD 2.0.5 Doc
cooperative Coroutines and Finite State Machines 3 Clause BSD 0.1.1 Doc
coops An featureful object system BSD 1.93 Doc
1.3 Doc
coops-utils coops-utils BSD 2.1.5 Doc
1.1.0 Doc
coq-au-vin A simple [?] blogging platform. BSD 0.3.2 Doc
correios Correios post office shipping calculation library BSD 0.1 Doc
couchdb Apache CouchDB client library LGPL 0.3.5 Doc
couchdb-view-server A Scheme view server for Apache CouchDB LGPL 0.5 Doc
crc Computes CRC checksum BSD 1.0.2 Doc
crunch A restricted statically typed subset of Scheme BSD 0.7.9999 Doc
crypt Secure password hashing through the Unix crypt() function Public Domain 1.0 Doc
0.4.3 Doc
cryptlib Bindings to cryptlib BSD 3.0.0 Doc
crypto-tools Useful cryptographic primitives BSD 1.3 Doc
csp Solve constraint satisfaction problems LGPL 1.3 Doc
csv Parsing and formatting of comma-separated values (CSV). GPL-3 5.3 Doc
csv-abnf Parsing and formatting of comma-separated values (CSV). GPL-3 6.1 Doc
csv-xml Parsing comma-separated values LGPL 3 0.12.1 Doc
data-generators Automatic generation of sample data. Useful for testing or other occasions where you just need a way to quickly generate data GPL-3 3.2.0 Doc
dataframe Tabular data structure for data analysis GPL-3 0.5 Doc
datatype A facility for creating and deconstructing variant records (from EOPL) BSD 1.6 Doc
1.4 Doc
datatypes Creating concrete-, abstract- and object-types BSD 1.3.3 Doc
date-literals A reader extension providing SRFI-19 date/time literals of the form <code>#@2007-12-31T23:59:59Z</code> MIT 1.1.1 Doc
dbc Design by contract BSD 1.0.4 Doc
dbi An abstract database interface. BSD 0.5 Doc
dbus A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism MIT 0.96 Doc Doc
dbus2 A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism MIT 0.95 Doc
debug Some trivial debugging macros BSD 0.3.16 Doc
debugger-protocol Low-level interface to debugger-protocol BSD 0.4 Doc
0.2 Doc
define-record-and-printer Trivial macro to define records and appropriate printers BSD 0.2.0 Doc Doc
define-structure QobiScheme-compatible define-structure LGPL 2.2 Doc
defstruct A more convenient form of define-record BSD 2.0 Doc
1.6 Doc
describe Describe objects in detail BSD 0.1 Doc
describe-coops Describe coops (and regular) objects in detail MIT 0.1.1 Doc
dict rfc2229 client api MIT 2.8.0 Doc
digraph Directed graph in adjacency list format. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
1.17 Doc
directory-tree Easy directory tree creation and check based on Gauche. MIT 1.0 Doc
directory-utils directory-utils BSD 2.2.2 Doc
1.1.1 Doc
discount Bindings for the Discount Markdown parser BSD 0.1 Doc
disjoint-set Disjoint set datastructure GPL-3 1.0 Doc
dissector An object inspector for Chicken BSD 1.7.7 Doc
doctype Exports strings corresponding to standard XML (XHTML, HTML) doctypes Public Domain 2.2 Doc Doc
dollar FFI convenience macro BSD 2.0.4 Doc
doodle A minimal game 'framework' inspired by loeve. BSD 0.13 Doc
dot-locking advisory locking mechanism based on standard file operations BSD 0.4 Doc
0.2 Doc
dotted-lambdas lambda equivalents with dots as trailing symbols BSD 1.0 Doc
dropbox Bindings to the Dropbox REST-like API and a basic Dropbox client. BSD 0.2 Doc
dsssl-utils dsssl-utils BSD 2.2.2 Doc
dummy-user Simulates user input for testing interactive command-line applications. BSD 0.1 Doc
dust Fetch and install CHICKEN versions BSD 0.0.13 Doc
dyn-vector Dynamic (dense) vectors based on SRFI-43. LGPL-3 2.1 Doc
1.13 Doc
easy-args Handle command-line options as parameters Public Domain 0.6.1 Doc
easyffi Generates bindings from C/C++ declarations BSD 1.99.7 Doc
edn EDN data reader/writer BSD 0.5.1 Doc
efax Library for using the eFax service to send faxes over the internet BSD 0.1 Doc
egg-pack-sources A tool to fetch eggs and dependencies sources BSD 0.3.1 Doc
egg-tarballs Creates tarballs for eggs in henrietta cache BSD 0.9.0 Doc Doc
eggdoc An egg documentation tool BSD 1.3.1 Doc
eggdoc-svnwiki Render eggdoc source to svnwiki syntax BSD 0.3 Doc
elliptic-curves Arithmetic and Cryptography on Elliptic Curve Groups over Finite Fields BSD 1.0.4 Doc
1.0.2 Doc
email-address eMail address handling procedures for reading and writing eMail addresses. BSD 0.2 Doc
embedded-test A simple framework for unit tests that allows them to be embedded directly in programs' code. GPL-3 17018.2 Doc
endian-blob Endian-specific procedures for converting blobs to numeric values and vectors. GPL-3 2.1 Doc
1.7 Doc
endian-port An I/O port that supports different endian formats. GPL-3 4.0 Doc
3.0.2 Doc
environments User defined evaluation environments BSD 1.54 Doc
envsubst Simple templating with parameter expansion BSD 1.0.0 Doc
epeg Chicken bindings for the JPEG thumbnail creation library epeg BSD 2.4 Doc
ephem Chicken scheme bindings to the libnova astrometry library LGPL-3 v1.1 Doc
2.2 Doc
eping ICMP ping utility BSD 1.0 Doc
epoxy Bindings to OpenGL and OpenGL ES through the Epoxy library BSD 0.2.2 Doc
er-macros Explicit-renaming macros with pattern matching BSD 1.5.1 Doc
error-utils Error Utilities BSD 2.0.0 Doc
1.2.0 Doc
ersatz A template engine inspired by Jinja2 and Jingoo. GPL-3 1.28 Doc
1.25 Doc
estraier-client A pure Scheme Hyper Estraier client library BSD 1.0 Doc
0.3.2 Doc
ethernet A library to parse and unparse Ethernet frames BSD 0.3 Doc
exif Binding to libexif, reading EXIF meta data from digital camera images. BSD 1.0 Doc
0.7 Doc
expand-full Full macro expansion BSD 2.1.0 Doc
1.0.5 Doc
expat An interface to James Clark's Expat XML parser BSD 1.4 Doc
ezd easy drawing for programs on X displays BSD 2020.01.26 Doc
ezxdisp A simple 2D and 3D graphics library for X11 LGPL-2 3.0 Doc
2.9 Doc
F-operator Shift/Reset Control Operators. BSD 3.0.0 Doc
fancypants Automatic ASCII smart quotes and ligature handling for SXML BSD 0.5 Doc
0.4.1 Doc
fann Chicken bindings for Fast Artificial Neural Network library BSD 0.3 Doc
fast-generic fast-generic functions BSD 0.7 Doc
0.4 Doc
fast-loop Fast extensible looping macros BSD 0.4 Doc
fastcgi Bindings for the FCGX API of libfcgi BSD 1.1.2 Doc
feature-test Foreign feature testing BSD 0.2.0 Doc Doc
ffmpeg-video ffmpeg bindings for computer vision applications LGPL 1.1 Doc
filepath Cross-platform file path manipulation. BSD 1.6 Doc
1.5 Doc
flsim Definition and code generators for a simple applicative language for numerical simulation. GPL-3 4.0 Doc
fluids fluid variables - an alternative to SRFI-39 BSD 1.1 Doc
fmt Combinator Formatting BSD 0.808 Doc Doc
fnmatch Test filenames against shell wildcard patterns using fnmatch BSD 1.0.1 Doc
foof-loop Extensible looping macros (originally based on Alex Shinn's) Public Domain 9.0 Doc
8.1 Doc
forcible Thread- and exception aware, lazy-looking synchronization with timeouts - extending srfi-45 BSD 0.3.8 Doc
0.3.10 Doc
foreigners Foreign helper macros for Chicken 4 BSD 1.5 Doc
1.4.1 Doc
format Common-Lisp style formatted output Public Domain 3.2.1 Doc
3.1.6 Doc
format-compiler Format procedures to generate output based on format strings. GPL-3 17017.1 Doc
format-compiler-base Base of the format procedures to generate output based on format strings. This egg should not be used directly: the format-compiler egg should be used instead. GPL-3 17017.2 Doc
format-graph Prints a graph in various formats. GPL-3 1.8 Doc
format-textdiff Output text diff scripts in different formats GPL-3 1.14 Doc
formular Process CGI email forms. GPL-3 5.2 Doc
fox string formatting BSD 1.1 Doc
fp-utils fp utilities BSD 4.0.1 Doc
fpio Conversion of floating point numbers between binary and decimal representation. BSD 1.6 Doc
fps Functional PostScript Free Use 1.1.4 Doc
free-gettext Binary-compatible flexible gettext reimplementation BSD 1.5.1 Doc
freetds Bindings for FreeTDS LGPL-3 0.1.9 Doc
freetype Freetype2 Interface BSD 0.3 Doc
0.1 Doc
ftl Interface based sequence library LGPL-2.1 0.9 Doc
0.8 Doc
ftp Simple FTP client BSD 1.4 Doc
fuse Filesystems in Userspace BSD 0.1.1 Doc
0.0.16 Doc
fx-utils fx utilities BSD 4.0.0 Doc
g2 Interface to the G2 graphics libary BSD 1.4 Doc
gap-buffer Gap buffer. LGPL-3 1.1 Doc
gather-egg-information A replacement for CHICKEN core's gather-egg-information which works with both old and new henrietta-cache cache formats BSD 1.0.0 Doc
gdbm GNU DBM interface BSD 1.4 Doc
genann Chicken bindings to genann - a simple neural network library in ANSI C Zlib 0.2.0 Doc
generalized-arrays An implementation providing generalized arrays and storage classes for CHICKEN Scheme. BSD3 0.0.7 Doc Doc
generics an implementation of generic procedures BSD 2.0.1 Doc
0.2.1 Doc
genturfahi lo ke pe'a jajgau ratcu ke'e genturfa'i ISC 1.0.4 Doc
geo-utils Geographic Utilities BSD 1.0.2 Doc
0.5.0 Doc
getopt-long Command line option parsing. LGPL-3 1.21 Doc
1.17 Doc
git libgit2 bindings BSD 0.1.0 Doc
0.0.39 Doc
git-egg-author A small egg to make life easier for git-using authors of Chicken eggs Public Domain 0.7 Doc
gl-math A small gamedev-oriented math library BSD 0.9.1 Doc
0.8.2 Doc
gl-type Freetype font rendering in OpenGL BSD 0.4.0 Doc
0.3.0 Doc
gl-utils High(er) level tools for OpenGL BSD 0.8.0 Doc
0.7.2 Doc
glfw GLFW bindings Public Domain 0.0.3 Doc
glfw3 Bindings to the GLFW3 OpenGL window and event management library BSD 0.7.1 Doc
0.6.3 Doc
glls A compiler for a Scheme-like language targeting the GLSL BSD 0.12.2 Doc
0.11.3 Doc
glm Chicken bindings for GLM, a graphics-oriented math library MIT 3.0 Doc
glpk An interface to the GNU Linear Programming Kit. GPL-3 1.6 Doc
glut GLUT bindings BSD 1.18 Doc
gnuplot-pipe A simple interface to Gnuplot GPL-3 0.4.1 Doc
0.3 Doc
gochan golang channels in CHICKEN BSD 5.2.9 Doc
5.2.8 Doc
gopher Basic Gopher protocol interface BSD 1.0 Doc
graph-bfs Breadth-first search in a graph. GPL-3 2.1 Doc
1.13 Doc
graph-cycles Enumerate all simple cycles in a graph. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
1.11 Doc
graph-dfs Depth-first search in a graph. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
1.11 Doc
graph-dominators Find immediate dominators in a directed graph. BSD 1.5 Doc
graph-scc Compute strongly-connected components (SCC) of a graph. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
1.11 Doc
graph-separators Determine the separation vertices of a graph. BSD 2.1 Doc
1.4 Doc
graph-ssa Compute static single assignment form of a graph. BSD 1.3 Doc
graphs Provides combinatorial graphs, digraphs, multigraphs, and multidigraphs. BSD3 0.4.5 Doc
graphviz Some Graphviz abstractions BSD 0.8.2 Doc
groc Generic interface for two-dimensional graphics output. GPL-3 1.3 Doc
gts An interface to the GNU Triangulated Surface Library GPL-3 1.4 Doc
gumbo unknown Apache 2.0 0.2.0 Doc
hahn In-source documentation BSD 0.10.1 Doc Doc
hahn-utils Translates in-source documentation from [[hahn]] into wiki. BSD 0.5.3 Doc
hardwood An actor model library, inspired by Erlang BSD 0.5 Doc
hash-trie hash-trie MIT 1.1.3 Doc
hashes Miscellaneous Hash Functions BSD 1.2.0 Doc
heap Mutable heap with priority-queue operations and O(1) membership-testing BSD 0.4.12 Doc
heap-o-rama ... BSD 0.1 Doc
hen A beanstalk client GPL-3 0.7 Doc
henrietta Serve extensions over HTTP BSD 1.5 Doc
1.1 Doc
henrietta-cache Fetch and cache extensions from various sources for Henrietta to consume BSD 1.6 Doc Doc
henrietta-cache-git A tool to convert and keep henrietta's cache in a git repository BSD 0.0.1 Doc Doc
hexgrid Functions to work with hexagonal grids (e.g. for wargames). BSD 0.1.3 Doc
hfs+ HFS+ utilities for OS X BSD 0.3 Doc
high-load-scheduler enhanced scheduler BSD 0.2 Doc
hmac HMAC provides a HMAC using the message-digest interface. BSD 7.2.0 Doc Doc
holes partial expressions as procedures with named parameters BSD 1.4 Doc
1.2.1 Doc
honu A parser for `honu' syntax BSD 2.2 Doc
hopefully Simple software transactional memory. BSD 0.2.6 Doc Doc
hostinfo Look up host, protocol, and service information BSD 1.4.1 Doc
hpack A HTTP/2 header compression library for Chicken BSD 0.1 Doc
html-form HTML form constructor. GPL-3 1.5 Doc
html-parser A permissive, scalable HTML parser. BSD 0.6.1 Doc
0.2 Doc
html-tags Procedures to generate [X]HTML code BSD 0.11 Doc
html-utils Procedures to ease the generation of some frequently used [X]HTML/SXML structures BSD 0.10 Doc
htmlprag A permissive HTML parser LGPL-2.1 0.16.2 Doc
http-client High-level HTTP client library BSD 1.2 Doc
0.18 Doc
http-session Facilities for managing HTTP sessions BSD 2.10 Doc Doc
hyde A static website compiler BSD 4 Doc Doc
hypergiant Game library BSD-2-Clause 0.5.3 Doc
0.4.6 Doc
hyperscene Scene graph and spatial partitioning BSD 0.4.0 Doc
0.3.1 Doc
i3 Extends the i3 window manager via its IPC interface. BSD 0.4 Doc
iconv Character-set conversions Public Domain 1.9 Doc
iexpr Parser for I-expressions (SRFI-49). GPL-3 1.9 Doc
image-dimensions Detect image dimensions for common formats MIT 1.0 Doc Doc
image-processing Image processing utilities LGPL 1.1 Doc
imlib2 Chicken bindings for the Imlib2 image library BSD 1.1 Doc
0.18 Doc
imlib2-xlib Chicken bindings for the Imlib2 image library's Xlib API BSD 1.0.1 Doc
imperative-command-line-a A simple, imperative-style command-line parser BSD 0.5.0 Doc
impromptu Spawn $EDITOR to update association list for CLI scripts BSD 0.1.6 Doc
inclub Brute-force include for multi-file programs BSD 0.2 Doc
ini-file Read & write INI configuration files BSD 0.3.4 Doc
inline Use compiled code inside interpreter scripts BSD 1.9 Doc
inotify Bindings to inotify MIT 1.1 Doc Doc
input-classes Type classes and transformer functions for input streams used by lexgen/abnf and related libraries. GPL-3 1.0 Doc
input-parse input-stream tokenizing and parsing routines. Public Domain 1.2 Doc
1.1 Doc
install install utilities BSD 1.0.1 Doc
intarweb A more convenient HTTP library BSD 2.0.1 Doc
1.7 Doc
interfaces Simple interface/implementation abstraction public domain 0.4.1 Doc
0.3 Doc
internet-message Parser combinators for Internet Message Format (RFC 5322). GPL-3 7.1 Doc
6.0 Doc
internet-timestamp Parser combinators for internet timestamps (RFC 3339). GPL-3 3.3 Doc
interp1d One-dimensional numerical interpolation. GPL-3 1.12 Doc
interval-digraph Directed graph based on adjacency intervals. GPL-3 4.1 Doc
introspect Module introspection BSD 0.2 Doc Doc
ioctl ioctl system call interface BSD 0.3 Doc
0.2 Doc
ir-macros Implicit-renaming macros with pattern matching BSD 1.7.1 Doc
irc A simple IRC client BSD 1.9.8 Doc
isaac Bindings to the ISAAC CSPRNG BSD 1.0.0 Doc
0.1.1 Doc
isbn ISBN lib for handling book identifier numbers and public isbn databases BSD 0.8 Doc
iset Integer sets BSD 2.2 Doc
2.0 Doc
iterators Iterators and coroutines BSD 0.1.1 Doc
iup Bindings to the IUP GUI library BSD 1.9.5 Doc
1.9.0 Doc
javahack A simple interface to Java(tm) BSD 0.5 Doc
jni JNI Bindings for Chicken Scheme BSD License 0.5 Doc
jsmin Implementation of Douglas Crockford's JavaScript minifier in CHICKEN Scheme BSD 2.2 Doc Doc
jso A lightweight prototype object system BSD 0.2 Doc
json A JSON library MIT 1.6 Doc Doc
json-abnf Parser combinators for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). GPL-3 7.0 Doc
6.0 Doc
json-rpc JSON RPC client/server implementation BSD Doc
kalaha An implementation of the board game Kalah BSD 0.2 Doc
kanren A declarative applicative logic programming system. MIT 5.505 Doc
kd-tree K-D tree implementation. GPL-3 6.1 Doc
5.1 Doc
kiwi Bindings to the KiWi library zlib 1.0 Doc Doc
kvlists Provides keyword/value list (or key-value list, for short) operations. MIT 1.0.6 Doc
lalr An efficient LALR(1) parser generator LGPL-3 2.5.2 Doc
2.4.3 Doc
landauer Use the Landauer limit to calculate my program's entropy. BSD 0.0.2 Doc
latch evaluating expressions just once public domain 0.3 Doc
0.2 Doc
lazy-ffi A foreign function interface for lazy programmers BSD 1.8.6 Doc
lazy-lists implementation of lazy lists BSD 0.9 Doc
lazy-seq Clojure-like lazy sequences BSD 2 Doc Doc
ldap-bind Implements LDAP bind for authentication using OpenLDAP BSD 0.0.1 Doc
ldif-sexpr Convert (parse&write) LDIF, rfc4514 and LDAP filters (rfc2254) into S-expressions. BSD 0.3.2 Doc Doc
leptonica CHICKEN bindings for leptonica image processing library GPL-3 0.3 Doc
level Provides a high-level API to leveldb implementations BSD 3.0.0 Doc
level-sexp Automatically read and write s-expressions to a level implementation BSD 1.0.0 Doc
leveldb Bindings to LevelDB, a key/value database library by Google BSD 4.0.0 Doc
levenshtein Levenshtein edit distance BSD 2.1.0 Doc
1.0.3 Doc
lexgen Lexer combinators. GPL-3 8.1 Doc
7.1 Doc
libsvm CHICKEN bindings for libsvm GPL-3 0.3 Doc
libui Bindings to the libui library MIT 0.5 Doc
libxml2 Libxml2 is a XML C parser and toolkit with DOM, SAX and text-reader APIs. MIT 0.4.2 Doc
linden-scheme Parametric 2L-systems BSD 0.2.0 Doc
linear-algebra Basic linear algebra: vectors, matrices, and sparse matrices along with related operations LGPL 1.4 Doc
linenoise A minimal, zero-config, BSD licensed, readline replacement. BSD 1.0 Doc
0.7 Doc
link-grammar Bindings for the CMU link-grammar parser system. LGPL-2.1 1.6 Doc
list-bindings Binding pattern variables to subexpressions of nested lists BSD 1.9.2 Doc
list-comprehensions Some list-creating routines BSD 1.2.1 Doc
0.1 Doc
list-of Simple list-comprehensions BSD 0.1 Doc
list-utils list-utils BSD 2.1.1 Doc
1.4.0 Doc
live-define Hack that replaces “define” with a version that mutates existing procedures. Public Domain 1.1 Doc
llrb-syntax Expands LLRB code customized to data structures. Pure and mutating versions. BSD 0.2 Doc Doc
llrb-tree LLRB tree general and customized to key types. BSD 0.3.8 Doc Doc
lmdb Bindings to the LMDB key value database BSD 2.4 Doc
1.0.3 Doc
lmdb-ht Hashtable-like interface to the LMDB key-value database. BSD 3.4 Doc
lmdb-lolevel Bindings to LMDB which closely follow C API BSD 1.1.1 Doc
locale Provides locale operations BSD 0.8.2 Doc
0.7.3 Doc
locals local declarations a la ML BSD 2.0 Doc
1.0.1 Doc
log5scm Logging library based on Common Lisp's log5 MIT 1.1.2 Doc
lognum Logarithmic number system. GPL-3 1.2 Doc
logpro Tool for analyzing log files to extract PASS/FAIL status GPL-2 1.23 Doc
lookup-table Simple Lookup Table BSD 1.14.1 Doc
loop The Common Lisp LOOP macro GPL-2 1.5 Doc
1.4 Doc
loops Some simple looping macros BSD 1.0.4 Doc
loopy-loop Alex Shinn's LOOP macro Public Domain 0.5.4 Doc
low-level-macros Low-level macros with pattern matching BSD 3.4.3 Doc
lowdown A pure Chicken Markdown parser BSD 2 Doc
0.1.0 Doc
lru-cache LRU cache BSD 0.5.3 Doc
lua Embed Lua interpreter into Scheme applications MIT 0.4 Doc
lz4 A wrapper around the LZ4 compression library. BSD 0.2 Doc
lzma A wrapper for the liblzma library, providing the excellent LZMA compression algorithm BSD 1.4 Doc
macaw Efficient color types and math BSD 0.1.1 Doc Doc
macosx MacOS X Utilities BSD 2.2.0 Doc
magic libmagic bindings BSD 0.1.0 Doc
0.0.2 Doc
magic-pipes Unix shell pipeline tools for working with s-expressions BSD 1.0 Doc
mailbox Thread-safe queues with timeout BSD 3.3.6 Doc
2.3.1 Doc
mailbox-threads An enhancement for srfi-18 that connects a mailbox to each thread. BSD 1.4 Doc
make The PLT 'make' macro LGPL-2.0+ 1.9 Doc
1.8 Doc
manual-labor Generate static HTML manual from wiki docs BSD 0.2 Doc
0.1.1 Doc
markdown-svnwiki Convert Markdown to svnwiki BSD 0.3.1 Doc Doc
mat5-lib Reading and writing Level 5 MAT-File format. GPL-3 2.5 Doc
matchable Hygienic MATCH replacement Public Domain 3.7 Doc
1.1 Doc
math Chicken port of Racket's math library GPL-3.0 0.1.0 Doc
mathh ISO C math functions and constants Public Domain 4.2.1 Doc
3.4.2 Doc
matlab Bindings for Matlab LGPL 1.3 Doc
matrix-utils Generation of special utility matrices. GPL-3 1.15 Doc
mbox Routines for parsing Unix mbox files. GPL-3 4.0 Doc
md2 Message Digest 2 algorithm as defined in RFC1319 BSD 1.2 Doc
md5 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums Public Domain 4.0.2 Doc
3.2.0 Doc
mdcd Inline Markdown documentation for your code with REPL support and generated files for public export. MIT 0.5 Doc
medea A JSON parser (and emitter) built with comparse BSD 4 Doc Doc
memcached Client interface to the Memcached protocol. BSD 1.5 Doc
1.3 Doc
memoize Procedures memoization BSD 0.3 Doc Doc
memory-mapped-files Memory-mapped file access for UNIX and Windows BSD 0.4 Doc
message-digest Message Digest Support BSD 4.0.1 Doc
3.9.1 Doc
message-digest-primitive Message Digest Primitive BSD 4.3.2 Doc
message-digest-type Message Digest Type BSD 4.2.3 Doc
message-digest-utils Message Digest Support BSD 4.2.4 Doc
messages an implementation of messages as specialized generic procedures BSD 0.6.1 Doc
0.1 Doc
micro-benchmark easily create micro-benchmarks GPLv3 0.2.1 Doc
mini-kanren Provides canonical miniKanren language - MIT 1.0 Doc
miniML Interpreter for a simple ML-like language. GPL-3 1.11 Doc
minissh unknown BSD 1.0.0 Doc Doc
miscmacros Various helper macros BSD 2.96 Doc
1.0 Doc
missbehave Behaviour Driven Scheme MIT 0.20 Doc
mistie A programmable filter BSD 1.5 Doc
modular-arithmetic Modular Arithmetic on Finite Fields BSD 1.0.3 Doc
1.0.2 Doc
module-declarations Module declarations BSD 0.2.1 Doc
0.0.3 Doc
mojo Curses for lazy people BSD 0.0.1 Doc
monad Monads BSD 5.0 Doc
4.1 Doc
moremacros More misc macros BSD 2.2.3 Doc
1.5.1 Doc
mowedline an X status bar program GPL3 3.3.0 Doc
mpd-client Interface to Music Player Daemon BSD 2.1 Doc
1.13 Doc
mpfi Bindings for part of the MPFI interval arithmetic library BSD 0.2 Doc
mpi Message-passing Interface (MPI) GPL-3 2.4 Doc
2.2 Doc
msgpack MessagePack implementation for CHICKEN BSD 0.4 Doc
multi-methods Multi-methods as a simple variant of generic functions unknown 2.0.3 Doc
multidoc Converts SXML to various document formats. BSD 2.3.2 Doc
multipart-form-data Reads & decodes HTTP multipart/form-data requests. BSD 0.2 Doc Doc
mw Expanded Mediawiki API interface BSD 0.2.2 Doc
mw-core Core interface to Mediawiki API BSD 0.2.3 Doc
mysql-client A MySQL client library. BSD 0.9 Doc
nanomsg unknown MIT Doc Doc
nanovg NanoVG BSD 1.0.3 Doc
natural-sort Natural sorting procedures MIT 1.1 Doc Doc
ncurses An interface to the UNIX ncurses package BSD 2.0 Doc
1.6 Doc
nemo A description language for computational models of neuronal ionic currents. GPL-3 9.2 Doc
neo4j neo4j REST client BSD 0.1.3 Doc
netstring Parsing and writing <a href="">netstrings</a> BSD 0.0.4 Doc
neurolucida Output Neurolucida XML files in various formats. GPL-3 1.16 Doc
neuromorpho Access the NeuroMorpho database. GPL-3 1.12 Doc
noise Noise generation functions on the GPU BSD 0.2.0 Doc
0.1.5 Doc
nomads Simple database migrations MIT 1.6 Doc
nondeterminism Nondeterministic computations LGPL 1.2 Doc
npdiff Compute the longest common subsequence of two sequences GPL-3 2.0 Doc
1.16 Doc
nrepl Simple networked REPL over TCP BSD 5.0.8 Doc
0.5 Doc
nuklear Bindings to the nuklear library Public Domain 0.1 Doc
null The null egg BSD 0.1 Doc
number-limits Limit constants for numbers BSD 3.0.1 Doc
2.1.0 Doc
numbers Full numeric tower support BSD 4.6.3 Doc
numspell Spelling Numbers as English in Scheme LGPL-2.1 0.5 Doc
oauth OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, RFC 5849 BSD 0.3 Doc Doc
objc An Objective-C interface MIT 0.5.1 Doc
object-evict Evict data to unmanaged memory BSD 0.1.1 Doc
object-graph Graph description generator for graphs of arbitrary objects. GPL-3 1.2 Doc
oblist Obtain list of all interned symbols and variables BSD 1.2 Doc
octave Interface to GNU/Octave BSD 0.4 Doc
ola bindings for libola LGPL-3 0.4 Doc
openal OpenAL 1.1 bindings BSD 0.91 Doc
opengl OpenGL bindings BSD 1.20 Doc
opengl-glew Bindings to OpenGL core profile with extension loading with GLEW BSD 0.10.0 Doc
openssl Bindings to the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library BSD 2.0.5 Doc
1.10.0 Doc
operations The object system used in T BSD 0.5 Doc
optimism Command line option handling Public Domain 0.1.0 Doc
options Options a la ML BSD 0.3 Doc
osxattr OS X extended attribute utilities BSD 0.1 Doc
packedobjects cross platform bit-stuffing based on Packed Encoding Rules BSD 0.78 Doc
packrat A packrat parsing library MIT 1.5 Doc Doc
parametric-curve Parametric curves. GPL-3 1.13 Doc
parley A readline replacement written in scheme based on linenoise. BSD 0.9.4 Doc
pastiche A small awful app implementing a pastebin service bsd 1.2 Doc
0.33 Doc
patch Simple source patch utility MIT 1.15 Doc
1.14 Doc
pathfinder Find files in search path BSD 0.2 Doc
pathname-expand Pathname expansion BSD 0.3 Doc
0.1 Doc
pbkdf2 Password-Based Key Derivation Function as defined in RFC2898 BSD 1.2 Doc
pdf A library for PDF generation. BSD 1.0.3 Doc
peep Explore the compiler's symbol database BSD 0.4.1 Doc
persistent-hash-map A persistent (as in immutable) hash map implementation. EPL 0.0.6 Doc
phoghorn A thumbnail gallery library for spiffy BSD 2.3 Doc
php-s11n Serialization/unserialization of PHP data types. MIT 1.0.3 Doc
phricken An extensible Gopher server BSD 1.2 Doc
physfs Comprehensive library for transparently interfacing with archives and file systems of various formats and endian-ness BSD 2.2 Doc
picnic A description language for neuroanatomical structures and geometric connectivity. GPL-3 1.6 Doc
pigeon-hole A mailbox constrained by capacity. BSD 0.2.7 Doc Doc
pilgrim Barebones http kernel MIT 0.0.4 Doc
pipes sequencing partial combinations BSD 1.0.1 Doc
pledge Bindings for OpenBSD's pledge(2) BSD 0.1.0 Doc
pll A simple Prolog implementation in Scheme, using the AMB operator GPL-3 v1.6.3 Doc
plot An interface to GNU libplot, a library for device-independent two-dimensional vector graphics. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
1.2 Doc
ploticus An interface to ploticus, a library for producing plots, charts, and graphics from data. GPL-3 1.3 Doc
pool A set of functions to manage pools in a thread-safe manner BSD 0.3 Doc
pop3 Mail retrieval via the POP3 protocol BSD 1.5 Doc
posix-extras Things the posix unit forgot BSD 0.1.6 Doc
posix-groups Access POSIX group information BSD 0.2.1 Doc
posix-semaphore POSIX Semaphores BSD3 0.5.1 Doc
posix-shm POSIX Shared Memory API BSD 1.2 Doc
posix-utils posix-utils BSD 2.0.2 Doc
1.2.2 Doc
postgresql Bindings for PostgreSQL's C-api BSD 4.1.3 Doc
3.9.4 Doc
prcc Prcc is a PEG-like combinator parser library by packrat parsing BSD 0.3 Doc
premodules Converting a premodule into module, test and doc files BSD 0.3 Doc
probdist Probability distributions. GPL-3 1.7 Doc
proccpuinfo Bindings for the libproccpuinfo C library, thoroughly documented, intended to be used as a tutorial. AGPL-3 0.1 Doc
procedural-macros Procedural-macros made easy BSD 3.0.1 Doc
2.1 Doc
procedure-decoration Procedure Decoration API BSD 2.1.0 Doc
progress-indicators text-mode progress-indicators public domain 0.4 Doc
prometheus The Prometheus prototype-based object system GPL-2 2.0.2 Doc
protobj A prototype-delegation object model LGPL-2.1 0.5 Doc
0.4 Doc
protobuf Protocol buffer serialization BSD 1.2.2 Doc
1.1.2 Doc
protolk Flexible Scheme objects with message passing and prototypes BSD 0.5 Doc
pseudo-meta-egg-info Provide automatically generated release-info and a pseudo-"meta"-file for eggs in svn Public Domain 1.1 Doc Doc
pseudolists pseudolists as a generalisation of ordinary lists BSD 2.0 Doc
pstk PS/Tk: Portable Scheme interface to Tk BSD 1.4.0 Doc Doc
pthreads Maintain and talk to a pthread pool. BSD 0.2 Doc Doc
pty Easy Pseudo-Terminal Interface BSD 1.7 Doc
punycode Represents unicode with the limited ASCII subset supported by DNS (RFC3492) BSD 1.0.0 Doc
pwdb A command-line-based password manager BSD 1.3 Doc
pyffi An interface to the Python programming language. GPL-3 3.4 Doc
3.10 Doc
qobischeme-ui A port of the QobiScheme UI library LGPL 1.1 Doc
qrencode QR Code encoding - Bindings to libqrencode BSD-2-Clause 0.1.1 Doc
qt A basic Qt 4 interface BSD 0.100.3 Doc
qt-light A leightweight Qt 4 interface BSD 1.0 Doc
0.991 Doc
quaternions Quaternions library GPL-3 1.0 Doc
queues A queue data structure Public Domain 0.1 Doc
qwiki qwiki - the quick wiki BSD 2.2 Doc
2.0 Doc
R Interface to R BSD 0.3.14 Doc
r6rs-bytevectors R7RS implementation of R6RS Bytevectors Larceny 1.0.2 Doc
0.1.7 Doc
r7rs R7RS compatibility BSD 1.0.2 Doc
0.0.6 Doc
rabbit Rabbit stream cipher Public Domain v1.1 Doc
2.1 Doc
random-access-lists Random access lists BSD 0.1.2 Doc
random-bsd FreeBSD random number generator BSD 0.2 Doc
random-mtzig An implementation of the MT19937 random number generator with Marsaglia and Tang's Ziggurat algorithm to generate random numbers from a non-uniform distribution. BSD 5.1 Doc
4.0 Doc
random-swb A random number generator based on the subtract-with-borrow (SWB) method. GPL-3 1.12 Doc
random-test Some simple randomness tests for a sequence of numbers. GPL-3 1.9 Doc
raspberry-pi-gpio Raspberry Pi GPIO library BSD 1.1.0 Doc
rb-tree A sorted dictionary data structure based on red-black trees. GPL-3 6.2 Doc
5.2 Doc
rbf Bindings for the Radial Basis Function interpolation routines by John Burkardt. GPL-3 1.1 Doc
readline An interface to the GNU readline library GPL-2 4.1.4 Doc
record-variants Optimized record access BSD 1.1 Doc
0.5.1 Doc
records Procedural record-type interface Public Domain 1.4 Doc
1.3 Doc
redis High-performance redis bindings using hiredis LGPL 2.0 Doc
redis-client A redis client library. BSD 0.8 Doc
refdb Tool for converting and maintaining a gnumeric spreadsheet as a set of flat text files. GPL-2 1.08 Doc
regex Compatibility library for old regular expression API BSD 2.0 Doc
1.0 Doc
regex-case Provides an easy to use <code>case</code> construct for regular expression matching BSD 1.3 Doc
1.2 Doc
regex-literals A reader extension providing precompiled regular expression literals of the form #/[a-z0-9]+/i MIT 1.0.4 Doc
remote-mailbox Remote Mailbox BSD 2.2.0 Doc
remote-mailbox-threads Enable mailbox-threads to be used across processes. BSD 0.0.3 Doc
rest-bind Generates wrappers to REST-like HTTP APIs. BSD 0.6 Doc Doc
rfb Implementation of the Remote Frame Buffer protocol BSD 0.3 Doc
rfc3339 RFC3339 datetime parser BSD 0.1.3 Doc
0.1.1 Doc
rfc822 Parse Internet Message Format BSD 1.7 Doc
ripemd RIPE Message Digest BSD 2.0.2 Doc
1.3.0 Doc
rope Heavyweight alternative to strings BSD 0.1.0 Doc
0.0.6 Doc
rpc A flexible peer-to-peer RPC system. BSD 1.1.2 Doc
rss A RSS parser BSD 1.6 Doc
s Convenient string manipulations GPL-3 1.0 Doc
s11n Serialization of arbitrary data. BSD 0.9.7 Doc
0.9.12 Doc
s11n4j Deserialization of Java Serialized Objects. BSD 0.1 Doc
s48-modules basic Scheme48 module syntax BSD 0.4.1 Doc
salmonella A tool for testing eggs BSD 3.0.1 Doc Doc
salmonella-diff A tool to diff salmonella log files BSD 1 Doc
salmonella-feeds A tool to generate atom feeds out of salmonella log files BSD 0 Doc
salmonella-html-report A tool to generate HTML ouput out of salmonella log files BSD 1.7.0 Doc Doc
salt Hybrid dynamical systems modeling. GPL-3 0.28 Doc
0.25 Doc
sandbox A safe evaluation environment BSD 1.9 Doc
1.8 Doc
sass A wrapper for the CSS preprocessing library libsass. BSD 0.2 Doc
sassy A portable 32-bit assembler for x86 processors LGPL-2.1 0.2.4 Doc
scan-input-lines Scan lines until a regex or predicate matches BSD 0.2 Doc
scbib Scientific bibliography management. BSD 1.5 Doc
schelog Dorai Sitaram's embedding of logic programming into Scheme LGPL-2 3.6 Doc
schematic Tools for Scheme development BSD 0.3.2 Doc
0.2.1 Doc
scheme0-pe Partial evaluator for the Scheme0 language. MIT 1.0 Doc
scheme2c-compatibility Scheme->c compatibility package LGPL 1.8 Doc Doc
schemeweb A literate programming processor for scheme, similar to CWEB GPL-2 or later 0.2 Doc
scmfmt Chicken Scheme code formattor to use from stdin/stdout BSD 0.1 Doc
scron A very simple cron program BSD 0.2 Doc
scsh-process A reimplementation for CHICKEN of SCSH's process notation. BSD 1.6.0 Doc Doc
scss An SCSS emitter with extensions BSD 4 Doc
3 Doc
sdbm SDBM clone BSD 0.1.1 Doc
sdl Basic SDL support LGPL-2.1 0.5.8 Doc
sdl-base Basic SDL support LGPL-2.1 0.9.2 Doc
0.1 Doc
sdl-gfx Basic SDL-gfx support LGPL-2.1 0.3 Doc
sdl-img SDL_Img support LGPL-2.1 0.1 Doc
sdl-mixer Basic SDL mixer support LGPL 0.6 Doc
sdl-ttf SDL-ttf support LGPL-2.1 0.2 Doc
sdl2 Bindings to Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 (SDL2) BSD 0.3.0 Doc Doc
sdl2-image Bindings to SDL_image 2 BSD 0.2.0 Doc Doc
sdl2-ttf Bindings to SDL_ttf 2 BSD 0.2.0 Doc Doc
sedna An interface to the Sedna XML database management system. Apache 3.3.55 Doc
selenium Chicken bindings for selenium BSD 0.6 Doc
send-grid Provides a simple interface to the SendGrid mailer service. BSD 2.0.1 Doc
sendfile Sending a file over the network BSD 1.8.3 Doc Doc
sentence-split Extracts sentences as a list from a string of text. GNU GPL-1.0, Artistic License 1.0 0.1 Doc
sequences Generic sequence operators BSD 0.6.1 Doc
0.6 Doc
server-test Utilities to help testing servers BSD 0.6 Doc Doc
sets Functions useful for working with sets GPL-3 17015.1 Doc
setup-helper Installation/Setup Shortcut Routines BSD 2.1.1 Doc
setup-helper-cock Obsolete; cock suffices. BSD 0.3 Doc
seulex An interface to the SEULEX package for solving systems of stiff differential and differential-algebraic equations. GPL-3 1.2 Doc
sexp-diff S-Expression diff algorithm LGPL 0.2.1 Doc
sfht A dictionary data structure based on counting Bloom filters. GPL-3 3.0 Doc
sha1 Computes SHA1 (FIPS-180-1) checksums Public Domain 4.1.3 Doc
3.2.0 Doc
sha2 Computes 256-, 385- and 512-bit SHA2 checksums BSD 4.0.5 Doc
3.2.0 Doc
shell Convenient shell-command invocation public domain 0.4 Doc
0.3 Doc
shen Port of the Shen language for Chicken Scheme BSD 0.1 Doc
sicp Support for SICP BSD 0.14 Doc
sigma An image gallery generator. GPL-3 2.5 Doc
signal-diagram Signal function combinators. GPL-3 4.1 Doc
silex An efficient and powerful lexer generator BSD 1.4 Doc
1.0 Doc
simple-cells Implementation of typed simple-cells to replace general set! operators BSD 1.3 Doc
1.2.1 Doc
simple-configuration Configurations made easy MIT 0.3 Doc
simple-contracts Design by contract for procedures BSD 1.4 Doc
1.0.1 Doc
simple-exceptions Some user-friendly exception routines BSD 1.3.1 Doc
0.6 Doc
simple-graphics A simple graphics interface for education and fun BSD 0.2 Doc
simple-logging Procedures for generating logs of run traces of programs GPL-3 17005.3 Doc
simple-loops Some simple looping macros BSD 1.0.1 Doc
simple-md5 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums, without dependencies Public Domain 0.1.1 Doc
0.0.1 Doc
simple-sha1 A fast and simple SHA1 implementation with minimal dependencies Public Domain 1.2 Doc
0.4 Doc
simple-tests Some simple testing routines BSD 2.6 Doc
2.3 Doc
simple-timer Simple, cancel-able, efficient timer API BSD 0.1.2 Doc Doc
simple-units Simple Units BSD 1.2.5 Doc
siphash The SipHash family of hash functions BSD 0.1.0 Doc
0.0.3 Doc
sixtyfive-oh-two A 6502 CPU emulator BSD 0.1.3 Doc
skiplists An implementation of skiplists BSD 1.1.5 Doc
1.0.1 Doc
slatex Typesetting Scheme code from (La)TeX Free Use 20090928.1 Doc
slib-arraymap The SLIB applicative routines for arrays library BSD 1.1.1 Doc
slib-charplot The SLIB character plotting library Artistic 1.1.1 Doc
slice A slicer procedure for lists, strings and vectors BSD 1.3 Doc Doc
slime SWANK server providing basic SLIME support. MIT 1.2 Doc
smsmatrix Library for using the SMSMatrix gateway services for sending SMS and fax messages BSD 0.1 Doc
smtp Parser combinators and state machine for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 5321). GPL-3 5.2 Doc
4.0 Doc
sndfile Bindings to libsndfile MIT 0.0.2 Doc
snowdigest Computation of message digests (CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, ...) LGPL-2.1 1.0.1 Doc
snowtar TAR file format packing and unpacking. LGPL-2.1 Doc
socket Interface to the BSD socket API BSD 0.3.2 Doc Doc
sodium Bindings to the Sodium crypto library (libsodium) ISC 0.3.0 Doc
soil Lightweight, simple library for loading image files into OpenGL-friendly format. BSD 1.6.0 Doc
1.5.0 Doc
sourcehut Bindings and CLI for the REST API BSD 0.3.2 Doc
sp A simple parser generator BSD 0.3 Doc
sparse-vectors Arbitrarily large vectors BSD 0.5 Doc
0.4 Doc
spatial-trees Various spatial tree implementations. GPL-3 2.11 Doc
special-case Optimizing Special Cases Abstractly Public Domain 0.1 Doc
specialized-io Fast I/O procedures specialized for different types BSD 1.5 Doc
speech-dispatcher-client Implementation of Speech Dispatcher's SSIP protocol BSD 0.0.1 Doc
spiffy A small but powerful web server BSD 6.3 Doc
5.4.2 Doc
spiffy-cgi-handlers CGI and FastCGI handlers for a small but powerful web server. BSD 0.7 Doc Doc
spiffy-cookies Procedures for managing cookies BSD 1.2 Doc Doc
spiffy-directory-listing Flexible directory listing for Spiffy BSD 0.3 Doc Doc
spiffy-dynamic-handlers Deprecated Spiffy extensions for dynamically generating pages BSD 0.1 Doc
spiffy-request-vars Provides easy access to variables from HTTP requests BSD 0.19 Doc Doc
spiffy-sexpr-log Symbolic expression log format for Spiffy BSD 0.3.2 Doc Doc
spiffy-uri-match uri-match integration for spiffy BSD 1.0 Doc
0.3 Doc
spock A compiler and runtime system for R5RS Scheme on top of JavaScript BSD 0.2 Doc
0.098 Doc
sqdb Simple key-value store on top of SQLite MIT 0.0.3 Doc
sql-de-lite SQLite 3 interface BSD 0.8.1 Doc Doc
sql-null A convenience extension for representing SQL NULL values Public Domain 2.0 Doc
1.1 Doc
sqlite3 Bindings to version 3.x of the SQLite API BSD 3.7.2 Doc
3.7.0 Doc
sqlite3pth Run SQLite queries asynchronously in pthreads. Supports calling Scheme from SQLite's VFS to supply database block storage. BSD 0.2.6 Doc Doc
srfi-1 SRFI-1 list library BSD 0.5.1 Doc
srfi-101 SRFI 101 BSD 0.0.2 Doc
srfi-102 Procedure Introspection (From Draft SRFI 102) BSD 1.0.3 Doc
srfi-105 SRFI-105 - curly infix expressions MIT 0.1.7 Doc
srfi-113 Sets and Bags. BSD 0.14 Doc Doc
srfi-116 Immutable Lists. BSD 1.5 Doc Doc
srfi-117 List Queues. BSD 1.4 Doc Doc
srfi-121 SRFI-121: Generators BSD 1.7 Doc Doc
srfi-123 SRFI-123 - Generic accessor and modifier operations MIT 0.2.1 Doc Doc
srfi-127 SRFI-127: Lazy Sequences BSD 1.3 Doc
1.2 Doc
srfi-128 SRFI-128: Comparators (reduced) BSD 0.11 Doc Doc
srfi-13 SRFI-13 string library BSD 0.3 Doc
srfi-133 SRFI-133: Vector Library (R7RS-compatible) BSD 1.6 Doc Doc
srfi-14 SRFI-14 character-sets library BSD 0.2.1 Doc
srfi-151 SRFI 151: Bitwise Operations MIT 1.0.2 Doc
srfi-18 SRFI-18 thread library BSD 0.1.6 Doc
srfi-19 Time Data Types and Procedures BSD 4.4.2 Doc
3.7.0 Doc
srfi-25 Multidimensional arrays SRFI 1.3 Doc
1.2 Doc
srfi-27 Sources of Random Bits BSD 3.4.1 Doc
srfi-29 Localization BSD 3.0.2 Doc
2.5.0 Doc
srfi-34 SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs SRFI 0.7 Doc
0.6 Doc
srfi-37 A simple and flexible command-line option parsing facility SRFI 1.4 Doc
1.3.1 Doc
srfi-38 A Chicken version of the SRFI-38 reference implementation Public Domain 0.5 Doc
srfi-4-comprehensions SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors SRFI 1.5 Doc
1.4 Doc
srfi-4-utils Utility functions for SRFI-4 vectors. GPL-3 1.13 Doc
srfi-40 A library of streams Artistic 0.4 Doc
srfi-41 SRFI 41 (Streams) BSD 2.0.3 Doc
1.2.4 Doc
srfi-42 SRFI-42 (Eager comprehensions) SRFI 1.76 Doc
1.73 Doc
srfi-45 Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms BSD 3.1.1 Doc
srfi-60 Integers as bits Artistic 0.3 Doc
srfi-63 Homogeneous and heterogeneous arrays Artistic 0.5 Doc
0.4 Doc
srfi-64 SRFI 64:"A Scheme API for test suites" implementation SRFI 1.0.5 Doc Doc
srfi-69 SRFI-69 hash-table library BSD 0.4.1 Doc
srfi-7 SRFI-7: Feature based program configuration language SRFI 0.1 Doc
srfi-71 SRFI-71: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values SRFI 1.1 Doc
0.2 Doc
srfi-78 SRFI-78: Lightweight testing SRFI 1.0 Doc
srfi-9-ext srfi-9-ext BSD 1.0.4 Doc
srfi-95 Sorting and merging Public Domain 1.4 Doc
srfi-99 SRFI-99 record types BSD 1.4.5 Doc
1.4.4 Doc
srfi-modules Provides modules for SRFIs usually exported by the `chicken' module BSD 0.2 Doc
ssax Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser Public Domain 5.1.0 Doc
5.0.7 Doc
ssql SQL as S-expressions BSD 0.2.4 Doc
ssql-postgresql SSQL translator for PostgreSQL BSD 0.1.2 Doc
ssql-record A simple egg to avoid SSQL boilerplate code when prototyping BSD 0.3 Doc
stack Provides LIFO queue (stack) operations BSD 3.0.4 Doc
2.3.0 Doc
stalin An aggressively optimizing Scheme->C compiler GPL-2 0.11.9 Doc
stargate Provide access to HBase via the Stargate REST API BSD 0.1 Doc
static-modules ML-style module system for statically-typed languages. GPL-3 1.8 Doc
statistics Statistics library GPL-3 0.8 Doc
0.13 Doc
statvfs Wrapper for the statvfs C function. MIT 1.1.0 Doc
stb-image read png/jpg/tga/bmp/psd/gif/hdr/pic/pnm into pixels public domain 0.5 Doc Doc
stb-image-resize resize raw u8/u16/u32/f32-vector images public domain 0.3 Doc Doc
stb-image-write write png/jpg/tga/bmp images public-domain 0.3 Doc Doc
stemmer Bindings for the Snowball project's libstemmer BSD 0.0.2 Doc
0.0.1 Doc
stfl Bindings to the STFL curses widget library GPL-3 1.0 Doc Doc
strictly-pretty Algebraic pretty printer. GPL-3 1.4 Doc
string-utils String Utilities BSD 2.3.1 Doc
1.6.1 Doc
striped-zebra An API for using the Stripe payment system. BSD 0.2 Doc
stty stty-style interface to termios BSD 0.3 Doc
0.2.6 Doc
sublevel Namespaced access to leveldb implementations BSD 4.0.0 Doc
suffix-tree An implementation of the suffix tree data structure. GPL-3 2.0 Doc
sundials An interface to SUNDIALS (SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers). BSD 2.15 Doc
suspension Serialized limited continuations BSD 0.5 Doc
svn-client A wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client C library. Public Domain 1.1 Doc
0.23 Doc
svn-egg-author A small egg to make life easier for svn-using authors of Chicken eggs Public Domain 0.1.4 Doc
svnwiki-sxml Parse svnwiki to sxml BSD 0.2.13 Doc Doc
sxml-fu SXML transformations ruleset library BSD 0.3.1 Doc
sxml-informal SXML ruleset for HTML forms BSD 0.4 Doc
sxml-modifications The sxml-modification bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain 0.3 Doc
0.1.1 Doc
sxml-serializer Serialize SXML to XML and HTML BSD 0.5 Doc
0.4 Doc
sxml-templates A simple facility for subtituting values into SXML expressions Public Domain 0.2.2 Doc
sxml-transforms The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain 1.4.3 Doc
1.4.1 Doc
sxpath The sxpath bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge Public Domain 1.0 Doc
0.2.1 Doc
symbol-utils symbol-utils BSD 2.1.0 Doc
1.2.0 Doc
syn-param Operators with Extended Parameter Syntax Public Domain 0.2 Doc
synch Synchronization Forms BSD 3.3.0 Doc
2.4.1 Doc
sysexits Preferable exit codes Public Domain 1.0.0 Doc
0.1.1 Doc
syslog Interface to the syslog-functions MIT 1.2 Doc
syslog-port Port interface to syslog BSD 0.1.1 Doc
system load and compile groups of files BSD 0.7 Doc
system-information Obtaining system and host information BSD 0.1 Doc
tabexpand Tab Character Expansion in Scheme LGPL-2.1 1.7 Doc
tabular Parsing and formatting of tabular text data such as comma- and delimiter-separated values (CSV and DSV). GPL-3 1.2 Doc
tagged-netstring Parsing and writing tagged netstrings ( BSD 0.0.1 Doc
taglib Bindings to taglib LGPL 0.2 Doc
tcp-server A simple generic multithreaded tcp-server BSD 1.5 Doc
1.4 Doc
tcp6 Interface to TCP over IPv4 and IPv6 BSD 0.2.1 Doc Doc
templort barebones templating engine MIT 0.0.2 Doc
termbox Library for writing text-based user interfaces BSD v0.11 Doc
0.2 Doc
test Yet Another Testing Utility BSD 1.1 Doc Doc
test-generative Allows quickcheck like testing for pure code with the test egg GPLv3 0.0.6 Doc
0.0.4 Doc
test-new-egg A tool to test new eggs before they are added to the official CHICKEN repository BSD 1.0.1 Doc Doc
testdrive A simple driver program for continuous integration scripts. GPL-3 1.7 Doc
testeez Simple Test Mechanism for Scheme LGPL-2.1 0.3.1 Doc
this Python's "this" module ported to CHICKEN BSD 0.1 Doc
thread-utils Thread Utilities BSD 2.1.0 Doc
1.2.0 Doc
tiger-hash Tiger/192 Message Digest BSD 4.0.2 Doc
3.2.0 Doc
timed-resource Resource w/ Timeout BSD 2.3.0 Doc
1.1.0 Doc
tiny-prolog Tiny PROLOG interpreter. BSD 2.0 Doc
tinyclos Gregor Kiczales TinyCLOS object system BSD 1.8.6 Doc
tinyclos-xerox Experimental copy of the original Xerox PARC copy of tiny-clos XEROX 0.0.4 Doc
tk An interface to the Tk GUI toolkit Bremer License 1.9 Doc
token-substitution Token substitution BSD 0.2.2 Doc
tokyocabinet Tokyo Cabinet DBM interface BSD 2.02 Doc
0.1.0 Doc
toml A TOML parser built with comparse BSD 1.0.1 Doc
topham Bindings for the REST API BSD 0.1.7 Doc
trace tracing and breakpoints public domain 2.0 Doc
1.0 Doc
traversal Various list operations LGPL 1.7 Doc Doc
treap A sorted dictionary data structure based on randomized search trees. GPL-3 1.7 Doc
treaps A functional interface to Oleg Kiselyov's and Ivan Raikov's treap egg GPL-3 0.1.2 Doc
tree-rewrite Term rewriting for tree structures. Public Domain 1.0 Doc
trie A trie (prefix tree) implementation BSD 2 Doc Doc
tun library to set up Linux TUN/TAP interfaces BSD 0.1 Doc
tuples Immutable encapsulated tuples, triples and couples, mutable singles datatypes BSD 1.2 Doc
tween Tweens BSD 1.2.0 Doc
tweetnacl TweetNaCl cryptographic library BSD 1.4.2 Doc
1.3.1 Doc
twilio Bindings to the Twilio API BSD 0.2.5 Doc
type-extensions Type system extensions BSD 0.1.0 Doc
0.0.1 Doc
type-stubs Type syntax stubs for Chicken < 4.7.5 BSD 0.0.1 Doc
typeclass Type classes MIT 1.5 Doc
1.3 Doc
typed-lists Immutable typed lists and sets BSD 2.3 Doc
typed-modules Modules with optional type signatures BSD 0.1 Doc
typed-records Typed variants of various record-definition macros BSD 0.82 Doc
0.6 Doc
udev libudev bindings BSD 0.0.1 Doc
udp An interface to User Datagram Protocol sockets BSD 1.18 Doc Doc
udp6 An interface to UDP over IPv4 and IPv6 BSD 0.2.0 Doc Doc
ugarit A backup/archival system based on content-addressed storage BSD 2.0 Doc
ugarit-backend-s3 An Amazon S3 storage backend for Ugarit Public domain 0.1.1 Doc
ugarit-manifest-maker A tool to generate manifests for Ugarit archival mode BSD 0.1 Doc
unitconv Conversion of units of measurement GPL-3 4.0 Doc
2.8 Doc
unix-sockets UNIX domain sockets BSD 1.9 Doc
unsafe Unsafe operations BSD 1.0 Doc
uri-common Parser for common URI schemes BSD 2.0 Doc
1.4 Doc
uri-dispatch Simple dispatch based on the supplied uri MIT 1.2 Doc
uri-generic URI generic syntax (RFC 3986) parsing and manipulation. BSD 3.2 Doc
2.46 Doc
uri-match A flexible URI matcher BSD 1.0 Doc
0.7 Doc
usage A very small and simple helper to create usage messages BSD 0.1 Doc
usb Bindings to libusb MIT 0.1.3 Doc
utf8 Unicode support BSD 3.6.2 Doc
3.4.5 Doc
uuid A native implementation of UUID generation BSD 0.1 Doc Doc
uuid-lib OSF DCE 1.1 UUID BSD 1.5.0 Doc
uuid-ossp OSSP UUID BSD 1.5.0 Doc
vandusen A cheeky IRC bot BSD 0.13 Doc
variable-item variable-item BSD 1.3.1 Doc
varsubst Parameterized variable substitution procedures. GPL-3 1.4 Doc
vector-lib Port of the SRFI-43 reference implementation BSD 2.1.1 Doc
1.2.2 Doc
vectr A linear vectr library. GPLv3 0.1 Doc
versions Procedures for extraction and comparison of version strings BSD 1.15 Doc
vfs TinyCLOS wrappers for file operations BSD 0.2.0 Doc
vlist An implementation of vlists, a functional list-like data structure. LGPL-3 1.1 Doc
1.0 Doc
waffle A toolkit for building HTML and other XML based pages. LGPL-2.1 0.1 Doc
web-colors Parse and write HTML/CSS color strings BSD 1.0.0 Doc Doc
webgate (S)CGI web application framework BSD 1.0.0 Doc
webkit A Gtk+ WebKit binding with JavaScript / Scheme integration BSD 1.2.0 Doc
websockets websockets provides a websocket API. BSD 0.1.6 Doc
webview Multi-platform HTML user interface shell BSD 1.0.1 Doc
win32-msgbox Win32 MessageBox function BSD 1.1 Doc
with-current-directory Convenience procedure for changing directories BSD 1.0.0 Doc
0.1.0 Doc
wmiirc A library for writing wmii configuration scripts BSD 0.5 Doc
x11-colors named standard colors as available in X11 BSD 1.1 Doc
1.0 Doc
x11-keysyms Encoding and decoding of the most common X11 Keysym-names BSD 0.2 Doc
xbmc-api Implementation of the JSON-RPC based API for XBMC BSD 0.1.1 Doc
xfixes XFixes bindings BSD 0.1.0 Doc
xft Bindings for xft BSD 0.1 Doc
xinerama Xinerama bindings BSD 1.0.2 Doc
xlib Xlib bindings unknown 1.3 Doc
1.2 Doc
xlib-utils utils for xlib programming BSD 1.1.0 Doc
xmkit a toolbox for parsing eXtended Modules MIT 0.1.0 Doc
xml-rpc XML-RPC client/server BSD 2.1 Doc
xosd An interface to the XOSD (On Screen Display) library BSD 1.7 Doc
xtypes Bindings for datatypes used by Xlib BSD 0.1a2 Doc
yahoo-finance Retrieve stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance Public Domain 0.2.1 Doc
yaml Bindings to libyaml MIT 0.2.1 Doc
yasos A very simple OOP system BSD 1.4 Doc
1.14 Doc
yelp An interface to the (deprecated) Yelp v1.0 API BSD 1.0.4 Doc
z3 A gzip (RFC1952) compression and decompression library BSD 2.0 Doc
1.45 Doc
zlib Bindings for zlib GPL-3 0.6.1 Doc
0.5.1 Doc
zmq Bindings for the ZeroMQ API LGPL 0.2 Doc
0.1.4 Doc